Hello GLAM babe!

I am so GLAD you have made it all your way to our brand new GLAM web shop!

Welcome in my very own world of online indulgence. It’s time for that special treat, no one is watching, let yourself bade in extravagance.

We’ll surprise you with excellent customer care, from the moment you start discovering our jewels, till the very right moment of receiving and unpacking your jewels at home. An experience that exceeds your expectations, from the selection of the jewels (core pieces, new ones, different styles, boho/classic….) till the carefully selected boxes that have been chosen for the delivery.

We’ll take you on a treat, just like we’ve done in our beautiful shop in Tremelo. After 5 years, yes 5 years already, I am so ready for the next step! To treat you girls better, and to keep on pushing my own limits, I have decided to concur the online world of jewelry. To serve YOU, even better, even faster. It is all about you!

Do you want to discover my collection with me?